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M is comfortable, S is snug

“40% Off, min. 2 pieces.”

Ah ha, just what I was waiting for. For a long time now, as my size shrank, I’ve been slowly hunting for new clothes to replace many years of now-oversized and over-worn clothes. You’ve seen my new jeans, and my gleefully snipped leather belts. Lately I’ve realized that I’ve been wearing the same few t-shirts from Uniqlo because, well, they are the only ones that sort of still fit nicely (they used to be a bit snug around the chest, but are a little loose now).

Yesterday, as I walked past Bossini at West Mall, my eye caught the above offer. It was “$15 rebate for every $80 spent” just last week (savings of about 20%) – and now it’s at 40%. Such is the occasionally beauty of the GSS (Great Singapore Sale).

There’ve been a couple of t-shirts I’d been eyeing. I couldn’t miss this chance. The only thing was the size. As a newly “shrunk” person, it’s been a bit of a (enjoyable) challenge to determine what size do I fit into these days.

L → M → S

I haven’t bought a shirt from Bossini for ages. A long time ago, when I was in my twenties, I remember I owned size L shirts from them. At some point in the more recent past, I could wear M.  I don’t think I shrank, most likely I became less geeky. -_-

Now the M’s are still comfortable, but here’s the thing:  when one is suitably slim, clothes can be comfortable in a different way. Every person of different shape and size has an individual definition of  “comfortable”, but there is a special class of “comfortable” reserved only for those figures that the clothes were designed for.

Overweight, out-of-shape people – like I used to be – always admire and wonder how is it clothes can fit so snugly around nicely figured people. The truth is simple: clothes are not made for the fat. They’re made for mannequins. The irony is that, since many people these days are not in shape, actually clothes “fit” relatively few people (ok, depending on which country you’re talking about). Many people are actually wearing ill-fitting clothes, and it’s not the clothes that are out of shape.

M is comfortable, S is snug.

So I took two t-shirts into the fitting room. One M, and one S (good-bye, L, forever). I put on the M first and it felt and looked fine. It was comfortable. It looked like I still wear M. Then I put on the S. It was comfortable, and fit – very snugly. In short: it was even better. It showed off my figure – a sentence that would’ve made my wife laugh in the past. I checked to see if the shirt might shrink. There was a label saying “Pre-shrunk”. Hooray.

So I can wear M and also S, both comfortably. The difference is this – turn sideways against the mirror and pull outwards the back of the shirt – the M balloons, showing how much extra “space” there is. That’s the deciding factor.

When I used to be fat, it was a given – something I got used to – that shirts  sort of fit and looked ohhhhkay, but I never truly understood that they actually didn’t.  That is, how I looked like in the mirror might be “acceptable” to me but actually it isn’t right. Nowadays whenever I wear my old shirts, I feel a bit like a deflated Michelin man.

If you have been relatively slim all your life, none of these may make sense (and I would be wondering why you are reading this weight loss blog, anyway) because clothes never really hung loose on you.

For me, this has become a reward I never quite anticipated. I can wear S, and it feels and looks good. It makes me wonder who is it exactly who’s supposed to wear L, XL and XXL. Oh.

If you are struggling to lose weight, persist – it’s not just about slimming down and becoming healthier, it’s also about the sheer pleasures of entering a different class of clothes-wearing, the one that used to make you envious and chagrined.