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A 2-Week Challenge

The last 2 weeks have been a challenge. My trainer has been away on reservist training, which lasts two weeks. My last gym session was on Sep 30. So I’m supposed to exercise on my own, and while I’ve done so, it’s really not the same as going to the gym. Not even half as vigorous! I’ve been mainly jogging, about 3 times a week. I’m supposed to engage in some exercises, but I don’t do as much for sure. We were supposed to have a session last Sunday, but trainer was not feeling well so he messaged me on Saturday night to cancel. To be honest, that was one of the most relaxed Saturday nights in a long time, not having to “worry” about the Sunday morning tort… I mean, gym session. But I think by the time I get back to gym this coming Sunday, my muscle mass would’ve dropped.

But the one thing I think I have enough willpower to pull off is continue to cut my weight via dieting. Thus far, other than the appearance of a delicious coca-cola cake from my wife’s oven, and one particularly stressful weekend, my weight has been steadily dropping. One week ago I finally went below 72kg but it went back up to 73 a day or two later. This was from that stressful weekend. I realize that stress is really bad on weight – you tend to eat more, and your body tends to be less efficient. I’ll have to write on this some other day.

Two days ago my office went out for one of those lunches that I dread and enjoy at the same time – a buffet. And it was a really good one: Penang Place at Connexis, Fusionopolis at Buona Vista. Everything was good! A colleague remarked that she has never seen me “eat” like this. But another one later remarked that I didn’t really indulge. I guess I won, because, surprisingly, not much damage was done. Ok, about 400grams of damage lah.

I ate rather carefully the next day, i.e. yesterday. Went for a 40-minute jog/walk. To my delight, this morning I was below 72kg again.