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It’s really ok to want to look good

Recently I met some old friends. At a kid’s birthday party. At a society AGM (oops, haven’t attended one for years).

On both occasions, I received certain remarks.

Me: “Hey man, you look good!”

Friend: “Thanks! But, surely, not as fit as you.”

And just yesterday, the one I got was, “I also want” as my friend cast his eyes on my torso.

Now I’m not here to boast. I’m here to say that, it’s perfectly acceptable to want to look good. I think many people, who feel they do not look good enough, whether it is because of having a bad shape or having bad fashion sense, feel they don’t have the capacity to look good.

When I was fat, I would look at myself, pinch the fat around my tummy and then have vague feelings of resignation and acceptance. Then it’s forgotten. Until the next time I do it again, be it in the shower or while snacking on something.  Every day or so that we do this, we slowly, gradually accept that this is it. It’s noorr-merl.

It’s normal that other people are slim(mer), that there will always be others who look better.  I’m “ok” with that. It’s a thought that lasts maybe a second. Then it’s back to normerl life.

But you still want to look good.  And, as I said, that’s perfectly acceptable. There’s nothing wrong with vanity.  Vanity is not a crime. It may not be something you want to brag or talk about, you may even think you don’t need it, or deserve it. But you can have it, really.

I can tell you, getting rid of that vague feeling of normerl life takes only about 6-12 months of committing to a exercise-and-diet regime. After that, you can look good. Really good, and be the target of envy. It is possible. It is entirely doable.

Changing your body this way is like walking into a portal into another world – you are surprised that this other, more beautiful world actually exists. You always thought it was just the stuff of fantasy. And when you are there, you don’t want to go back to the normerl world. You’d rather be ab-normerl in a world where being fat used to be the norm.