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Mee Siam No Harm Part 2


I may have yet to mention that mee siam is considered a relatively safe breakfast meal if you’re on a diet. In any case it’s safer than the very yummy and fattening nasi lemak and mee rebus. In fact, the dry version of mee siam is even safer, as it’s missing the oil and the gravy/soup. This is actually the reverse of Chinese fishball noodles, where the soup version is considered healthier as the dry version is drenched in oil.

Anyway, pictured here is something I have about once a week on weekdays, for breakfast. It’s become the most common dish I order from the Malay stall at the canteen at the office. I used to buy nasi lemak (*sob*) and mee rebus (*cry*) from them regularly, until I started this diet.

In fact, for more than a month after starting the diet, I practically turned from weekly fan to non-visitor at the stall, much to my regret. But in September, I started eating from the stall again, after learning, among other things, that I can still have my nasi lemak on Sunday mornings before gym, and that mee siam is safe. I even explained this to the nice Malay uncle who runs the stall. He’s a skinny man probably in his 60s – and he told me he once weighed over 80kg.

So anyway, the pictured meal is mee siam dry, with a hard-boiled egg and Lontong vegetables. The carrots are extra from home (I declined to have them for dinner as they are high in carbs). I usually order this with less noodles, so I get it even cheaper. I’m fine so long as I get to have a taste of Malay cuisine at least once a week – it’s one of my favourites!


Best advice I’ve heard all day

TRAINER: “Today, not so tired, right?”

ME: “Yeah. I think it’s because… well, I dragged myself up this morning at 7.45am to have breakfast earlier. Last Sunday was really bad, I think I ate too little too late.”

TRAINER: “Yeah, and too little too? You need to eat enough. Eat more carbs!”

ME: “Yeah, I tried something different this morning – I had nasi lemak. Last Sunday I only had wholemeal bread and a little cereal.”

TRAINER: “Too little! Yeah, you can have nasi lemak.”

ME: “I only ate 1/3 of the packet though.”

TRAINER: “Eat it all! You need the energy! Just for Sunday’s session! Eat nasi lemak, mee rebus, lontong, even cai tao kway (fried carrot cake)!”

ME: “Really ah? Can eat carrot cake too?”

TRAINER: “Yeah! Just for Sunday mornings when you come to gym though, don’t do this on other days!”