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Wow, so many ways to die


Sometimes it doesn’t occur to us just how much marketing there is. And how “marketed” is the marketing. As in, have we ever thought about exactly what is being marketed here? Do we unconsciously assume that advertisers market for your benefit?

The food industry is a prime example of the veil marketing casts on people. The ads look great, the food looks fresh and brightly coloured and attractive, and the words call out its lively benefits to you. Or does it?

It’s funny, but when you’re on a diet, ads like this become exercises in warding off temptation, and by definition, it is from evil, the evil of spare tyres and clogged arteries and sugar overdose.

Funny how, once you’re aware of the dangers, these ads become almost horrifying in their brazen mission to get people to consume cuploads of caloric catastrophe. And with such vibrant colours!