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The “Sorry We’re Out” Moment


How many times have you been caught in a situation where, having identified something you can eat, the item is out of stock or not actually what you think?

I was at the western food stall just now, going to order grilled fish with salad, and some pasta by the side. “So sorry, we’re out of grilled fish. And pasta. And salad too. How about the fried fish?” Then goes the dieter’s brain. Calculate calculate calculate… this fat, that fried, so many carbocalories….. “Any more salmon?”

Thankfully yes. And fusilli in tomato sauce. And coleslaw. Not ideal, but better than fried fish.

“Is this breast meat?” I pointed to the picture of a grilled piece of chicken. “No, no breast meat. All thigh meat,” goes the Indonesian grill stall lady.

Chicken noodles, breast meat please. “Sorry ah, no more breast meat. Drumstick ok?” goes the Chinese noodle stall uncle. Before I could calculate, my mouth strangely said ok. It was an “out of ideas moment” – the sort that you regret making approximately 1.54 seconds after uttering. Or I was simply being too polite. Even though I hate drumstick. I paid up, resigned to the… let’s just call it an experiment. “Drumstick, extra 50 cents,” mutters the uncle matter-of-factly. Grrrrrrrrrrr. And it was an awful meal. Never do that again.

Two sets fish please. Mmmm, can I change the sides? “Sorry sir, the discount sets are fixed. Would you like the fries spicy or non-spicy?” The friendly chap at Botak Jones is a little apologetic. I’m after all a regular (of their Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken)  Umm…… one normal, one spicy please. You see the problem is that I’ve ordered already, so I’m too polite to change it. Especially when there’s a queue behind me.

One slice of papaya please. “So sorry,” the lady at the fruit stall frowns as she prepares to pack it, “The papayas aren’t sweet today. Would you like to have a slice of honeydew instead? They’re very sweet!” No, thanks, I said happily, the papaya is fine.