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Weight Loss 101: It’s a form of mental torture

Sticking to a diet and weight loss regime is basically that.

You have to accept certain things before you start and while you’re at it. Be brave.

  1. Accept that you will never be able to eat like you used to.
  2. Accept that you will no longer be able to have your favourite foods often.
  3. Accept that you will feel hungry, especially at night, before bedtime.

I will not talk about the good things that come from such a regime. You must take the hard stuff first. You must accept. If you don’t accept, your quest will be futile.

If you’re still unsure – test yourself first. Change your diet. Cut your carbs intake by 1/3. Try that for a start and see if you can maintain it for a few months, enough to lose a bit of weight. If you succeed, you are on your way to learning….. to accept.

The good news is this: acceptance later becomes the norm – it will no longer bother you.


Myfitnesspal App for tracking diet and exercise

Last night, which was a quiet lonely night as all my girls had gone to sleep by 10pm, I sat down on the sofa and on a whim, searched the Apple AppStore with the keyword “diet”. One of the first hits was the Myfitnesspal app. It’s available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. You can find out more here:

The app, which requires you to register with an email account, also allows you to view your profile online at

What I like about this app is that it’s got an exhaustive food list. At first I thought it would be a hassle to enter food items one by one, but the app works so smoothly, calling up data from its online database (an internet connection is needed to use the app) with little delay, that I found the process quite fuss free.

The app allows you to log your food intake on a daily basis. And with each food item you add, it tallies up your calorie intake for the day. While setting up your profile, you also included your weight and target weight. The app then apparently calculates how much should your daily calorie range be in order to reach your target. It will even tell you if you’re eating too little calories. At the end of each day, the app tells you how much you would weigh in a week’s time if you kept eating like this.


In addition, you can also record your exercises, which of course then subtracts from your calorie count for the day.

Another surprise is that there are lots of Singapore food items in the database, presumably added by Singaporeans. I’ve added fish soup, bee hoon, fish balls, etc.

I’m just surprised no one has added Kopi-O Siew Dai.

Being tired ≠ No Strength

Had my last gym session on Tuesday evening, at 7pm. Was actually late thanks to a meeting that went on longer than I expected, and slow trains. So I arrived in a rush, and still had to quickly change to my gym clothes. Trainer immediately put me on the cross trainer, which within 3 minutes became my new terror. Working on this thing is tough! I realize, as Mr Trainer explains, that it’s tough if one does not use the arms as much as the legs when peddling. But still, it was a very tough ten minutes. The cross trainer is designed to even out one’s muscle in all the limbs, or something like that.

My weight went back up to 80.6 kg (was 80.2 on Sunday), but it was accompanied by some fat loss and some muscle gain, so perhaps it’s not a bad thing.

But don’t get me wrong, I still feel very weak – as in lacking in strength. Trainer set me working on the arms today, and while I completed every set assigned, my arms were just about to fall off when I was done. Throughout these sessions, I’ve realized one thing: it’s not so much that I’m tired when working out, but that I lack the sheer strength to do things, like lifting and pushing.