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Reducing that oil from the packet of chilli sauce

You know those little packets of ground chilli in oil that you get from buying and taking away yong tau hu, fried noodles and the like?

Here’s a simple way to reduce the amount of oil.


First, before you open the packet, tip it upside down and let the oil do what it likes to do – float to the top.


Now untie and open the packet upside down – and let the chilli pour out. But stop the flow when you’ve had enough and leave most of the top oil in the bag.


There’s no way to avoid some oil coming out since it is used for suspension in the sauce. But at least you saved yourself from most of it.

Now glare with disgust at the remaining oil in the bag. You’re done.


(Extra tip: have a kitchen paper towel? Dip it into the oil in your bowl and watch it soak up some of it. More fat saved.)


“You’re still not eating enough.”

Tsk. Words you wish you could hear while dieting, words you wish you never hear …. after dieting.

After months of trying, I still cannot reach the weight I’m supposed to be. My trainer says I have to eat more. MORE. Since the beginning of 2012, my weight has hovered at 66 to 67 kg.  It used to be that going to gym, I’d worry about not having lost enough weight. Nowadays, I am anxious that my weight hasn’t gone up. And it hasn’t. My trainer would like to see me at 70kg – still some 3 kg to gain.

On Friday I ascended the weighing machine at the gym, and felt a tinge of fear as the numbers rolled. To my disappointment, I had dropped another 0.1 kg since Wednesday. 66.8 kg.

Wait a minute, isn’t this a weight loss blog? What the heck am I taking about?? In case you’re new to this blog, my weight loss journey has been so successful that I’ve been told I need to gain weight. Gain muscle mass, to be precise. Remember, being underweight is not a license to gain fat.

So, go eat, my trainer tells me. Eat more, have more carbs, but not too much. Put on a little fat if you have. We’ll burn it off along the way.

Basically, I have been  put on a mission to gain weight.

So over the weekend, I tried my very best to avoid healthy meals. Just for the heck of it. Actually, my trainer does often suggest that it’s ok to indulge a little over the weekend. A lot of gym-going people do it.

It was ice-skating Saturday morning – I got my girl out of bed early so we could go to MacDonald’s before the session. I had a sausage egg McMuffin – I ate the whole egg AND the hash brown, without guilt.

For lunch, I had fried bee hoon with ngoh hiang, all fried! Not deep fried, but still fried.

For dinner, I had yong tau hu, my usual healthy meal… except this time with laksa gravy!

And I even had a slice of multi-grain bread with low-fat cheese, close to mid-night.

On Sunday, I enjoyed breakfast with my girls. I had three takoyaki balls, two slices of whole meal bread with peanut butter and jam, and share some cereal and blueberries with my littlest girl.

For lunch, a sinful bowl of mee rebus with TWO mini-sardine puffs – one of my favourite things from my Fat Era.

A small bowl of yong tau hu for dinner, a handful of wholemeal cinnamon crisps at 8pm. Then, a half-cup of milk with protein powder, a handful of blueberries and dried peaches, and 3 slices of papaya at 10pm.

Do I feel fattened? Pinching my stomach, not really. Maybe a little.

It Was A Noodle Day

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I had a full packet (not my usual, my usual is 1/2 a serving) of bee hoon this morning, with a hard-boiled egg, a fish cake and tauhu goreng. I did this because I had a lunch appointment that didn’t include the “lunch” part and the opportunity to eat seemed a bit dubious.

But as it turned out, I left office a little early so I could eat. But I wasn’t very inspired by the choices at the food court nearby and ended up eating a humble bowl of fish ball mee pok. It wasn’t very satisfying. When I reached my appointment, my colleagues were just about to go for lunch. They were going to have Japanese at a little canteen. I don’t really care much for cheap Japanese food these days, so at first I was prepared not to eat. But it being a quiet place and an amiable occasion I did not feel like I should be the odd one out, so I chose a salmon fillet, but changed the rice to soba noodles. It turned out to be a pretty big helping. Luckily it was a relatively plain soup the soba came in, and they even accidentally added an egg which I had earlier declined while ordering.

OK, never mind, at least tonight I have gym. I can burn it all off.

I got home early, and was surprised that I was a little hungry. So I had a yam bun along with a cup of protein shake before going to gym.

And here’s the best bit: my fat mass dropped to 17.5%, while my weight was maintained at 67.7 kg. This was a new record!

I bought a packet of fried bee hoon with omelette, luncheon meat, stir fried French beans and curry vegetables to celebrate.