Jogging the Muscle Memory

One month away from gym. Yesterday was my first trip to the gym after a month. I’ve been away in Finland, and my trainer was also overseas. Thus for most of September, we were both absent at the gym.

When I came back in mid-September, by right I was supposed to do some exercising on my own. But my discipline remained lax as usual, not to mention I was pretty sad after 3 days at home. Jet-lagged, missing clean and light Finnish food, and Finnish autumn weather. I told myself I’ll take a week’s break before I start exercising. Then on the Sunday, I had a bout of stomach flu. This took me about 3 days to fully recover.

I finally went for a jog the weekend before my trainer returned. I ran and ran and felt my stamina lagging behind. OK, that was to be expected.

Then there were the chocolates. I brought back quite a bit as souvenirs, and very few people at home ate them. Yes, and I live with my wife and two daughters, strange they are. (OK two of them were also sick). I’d also developed quite a taste for cheese after Finland. In fact, for the first 2 days after returning from Finland I had quite an urge to eat “normal” Singapore food, and indulged in a packet of (unsatisfying) Hokkien Mee.

What I’m trying to say is that I was fully expecting my fat mass to go up. Well, the truth is the stomach flu made me lose two kilos. I can tell you that when I realized it at the weighing machine I was filled with both dread and joy.  Probably my fat will go up, and I will lose a lot of muscle, but at least I haven’t actually gained weight.

I ate rather generously the days before I returned to gym, and yesterday, there, I weighed 66.7 kg. Actually a little lower than before I went to Finland. But what was the real surprise was my fat mass. It was 17.5% – and measured twice to confirm. Really funny! I hadn’t exercised in a month! My trainer suggested maybe the Finnish food is REALLY that good. I wouldn’t disagree.


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