Low Fat!


Whoa, even my trainer thought it was an anomaly!  He made me take the fat machine test again. 16.8% OK, he nodded in approval, then it’s accurate. My lowest fat % ever.

Over the last 3 months, my fat percentage has hung around 17 to 19.something percent, never going below 17%. It was closer to the 18s and 19s in May and April, hanging around the 17s in June, and finally went below 17% today.

It’s been quite a journey, considering I was something like 28% one year ago. Do I have much further to go? I didn’t know, but my trainer said his own fat percentage is also around 15-17%, so in fact, I’m pretty good now. :)

EDIT: after this post, my fat went above 17% again and so far hasn’t deigned to come back to the nice grasslands of the 16s. -_-


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