It Was A Noodle Day

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I had a full packet (not my usual, my usual is 1/2 a serving) of bee hoon this morning, with a hard-boiled egg, a fish cake and tauhu goreng. I did this because I had a lunch appointment that didn’t include the “lunch” part and the opportunity to eat seemed a bit dubious.

But as it turned out, I left office a little early so I could eat. But I wasn’t very inspired by the choices at the food court nearby and ended up eating a humble bowl of fish ball mee pok. It wasn’t very satisfying. When I reached my appointment, my colleagues were just about to go for lunch. They were going to have Japanese at a little canteen. I don’t really care much for cheap Japanese food these days, so at first I was prepared not to eat. But it being a quiet place and an amiable occasion I did not feel like I should be the odd one out, so I chose a salmon fillet, but changed the rice to soba noodles. It turned out to be a pretty big helping. Luckily it was a relatively plain soup the soba came in, and they even accidentally added an egg which I had earlier declined while ordering.

OK, never mind, at least tonight I have gym. I can burn it all off.

I got home early, and was surprised that I was a little hungry. So I had a yam bun along with a cup of protein shake before going to gym.

And here’s the best bit: my fat mass dropped to 17.5%, while my weight was maintained at 67.7 kg. This was a new record!

I bought a packet of fried bee hoon with omelette, luncheon meat, stir fried French beans and curry vegetables to celebrate.


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