Wisdom tooth extracted, definitely wiser

The first thing I quickly realized some hours after my wisdom tooth was extracted, was that the nurse/receptionist was right. I should’ve eaten a big sumptious meal before the surgery. The rest of the day was spent by this weight watcher wondering what to eat. While I know, of course, the classic choices (porridge, ice cream, yoghurt), I was not very inclined – all these soft, useless carbs….

It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy them, I suppose. And yet, I did not relish having them. It seems I’ve truly become immune to the charms of carbs and sugars. It may seem unbelievable, but it’s true.

Immediately after the surgery, I was 20 metres into my walk home when I did a u-turn, the realization of hunger dawning on me, and made a beeline for… Kentucky Fried Chicken, at West Mall. There were no crowded queues. But there was also little choice for me.


Yes, I decided not to speak too much, so I used my phone smartly. Next, I dropped by the mall’s traditional kopi house, Kopi Roti, and bought a set of 2 soft-boiled eggs, kaya toast and a cup of teh (tea). I was mainly eyeing the eggs (protein!).

As the day (and the pain) wore on, I quickly realized that little of the whipped potato or porridge(my mom cooked and came over) was keeping me full. Rather, they don’t last very long in my stomach. I was literally getting hungry every hour. I could even hear my stomach going, “Where’re my complex carbs, fibre and protein? *Growl*” The porridge simply disappeared, disintegrated by my higher-than-before-gym metabolism like so much flour in a fast-flowing river.

Is that it? Has my metabolism improved so much that I really have little use for quickly digested refined carbs now? Is that my body telling me it doesn’t enjoy these things anymore?

It’s my second day of medical leave, and I can’t describe how satisfying it was to finish my lunch of mashed pan-fried salmon fillet, with half a salted egg, tofu (and porridge). That’s proper food.


2 thoughts on “Wisdom tooth extracted, definitely wiser

  1. The first few hours (or days, for some) after a wisdom tooth removal can be a bit annoying. The menu leaves a lot to be desired, either taste- or health-wise. Well, not minding it is the best way to go about things. Less stress equals faster recovery and soon enough it’s back to a better diet of chewable food.

  2. Thanks Fred! It seems some degree of exercise also speeds up healing, though, I now also realize that strenuous weight training leaves my wound area a little sore.

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