Proven: the mistake of missing a complete breakfast

Remember I once mentioned that having too little for breakfast makes one hungry all day, ie get fat? Well it happened today. I had an appointment this morning which gave me no chance to eat between 7.30am and 11.15am. A mistake.

Fact is, I had planned to take a break around 8ish to grab second breakfast, but it did not materialize. You could say it was my own fault, I decided not to leave my post.

So all I had then was a very small bowl of cereal with my usual two strawberries and a small handful of blueberries, and a floss bun. The floss bun in itself was an unusual addition – I normally do not eat such a thing for first breakfast. But I did it this morning thinking I needed a bit of extra carbs for the morning endeavor. It was probably a double trap. Not only was the quickly digested bun useless for the rest of the morning, but it has probably already settled down in my prime (read: waist) estate as more unwelcome fat.

Anyway, I did not eat again until 11.15am, and that was one slice of wholemeal bread. Lunch materialized at noon but I could hardly enjoy it as I was in a hurry. In any case, thereafter the hunger curse began.

I was hungry again at 2, had a slice of papaya. Harmless and good. Hungry again at 3.30pm, that’s odd…. Never mind since I was not working today, treated myself to a peanut butter and marmalade wholemeal sandwich.

Hungry AGAIN at 5pm, had dinner early at 5.30 – salmon sushi with 1/3 rice, and six cherry tomatoes.

Hungry AGAIN at 7.15, had an apple, hoping this would seem quite normal on a typical day for me.

Nope, hungry again at 8pm, had a 1/3 slice of wholemeal bread with 1/4 slice of cheese. Something is definitely wrong.

Yes, hungry yet again at 9pm. I was preparing my breakfast sandwich for tomorrow. Had half a cup of no-fat milk and stole a little bit of chilli tuna meant for the sandwich.

And no prizes for guessing – still hungry, right this moment while penning this. It’s 10.45pm and I now utterly refuse to entertain my stomach’s protests. In fact, it just growled. But I am using the sheer indignation of it all to punish myself.

I am simply flabbergasted. I swear I will never allow myself to miss a complete breakfast again. And neither should you.


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