The damage of weekend eating (too much) and sleeping (too little)

Some of you sleep in on weekends. Me? I sleep even less on weekends than on weekdays. I enjoy staying up late watching shows, typical some sci-fi series on blu-ray; and I enjoy waking up early to see the morning light and have a good breakfast. On most weekend mornings, my littlest girl would pounce on the sleeping me sometime between 7 and 9 am anyway.


Above: Lee Adama gone fat, from Battlestar Galactica. I have watched the series six times over.

On a typical weekday, if I tried this, I’d doze off by midnight. On weekends, I often somehow find the energy to stay awake until past 1 am. This is pretty bad for health of course, and it definitely contributes to muscle loss and fat gain.

Last night, I went to bed at 1.30am – after a full Saturday eating with friends (reunion lunch at an Indian restaurant with ex-colleagues) and dinner (Chinese loh hei, with family). At gym this morning, I was pretty prepared for the worst.

Oddly, my weight is still low, registering 67.5 kg at the gym. Fat % went up, 19.7%. I gained about 100 grams of fat and lost muscle mass since Friday evening.

My trainer suggested that something needs to change to arrest this undesirable pattern. In addition to changing my exercise routines, he suggested I should eat more. The words that came out of his mouth were a little surprising – nasi lemak, egg prata for breakfast, among other things.

Of course, as I’ve written about before, losing too much weight or trying to regain weight is not a license to eat fatty foods. The issue is to grow and maintain muscle mass (very difficult, more difficult than losing fat), and keep the fats low. While my fat gain is relatively smallish, my muscle loss is considerable.

People keep saying I’m skinny, or that I’ve lost too much weight, that I shouldn’t lose anymore. Believe me, I totally agree! I just wish I could have my weekend night TV and muscle mass at the same time!


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