I am all in the “Desirable” range…. cholestorol-ly speaking!


I went for my regular blood and urine test at the polyclinc recently and got the results today. The kindly doctor said, quite simply, “There are only problems if you see anything red.” And the entire sheet of semi-pronounceable medical/biological terms and numbers was in black.

“Everything is in the ‘Desirable’ range.” He added with a congratulatory smile. I was, to say the least, pleasantly, most pleasantly surprised. I used to have borderline high LDL (low density cholesterol, or the bad cholestorol). I asked if he could pull up my old test records from the computer to compare, and we saw that it was about 4.0, 4.1 in Aug 2010. It’s currently 3.05, a much better figure.

It’s a simple thing to say, but this somewhat revelatory result gave me hope that perhaps I’ll live longer than I used to think I would. I actually do feel healthier, and after 6 months of hard work and pain, I suppose I deserve it. In fact, come to think of it, 6 months of work for this, is really cheap. It makes all the money I’ve spent on my trainer, well, priceless. I can’t help but feel grateful to him.


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