Back to gym after a month away – and the damage is….

-1.4 kg of muscle and +0.4 kg of fat.

Actually, not bad! I thought it would be worse! Phew!

My weight is maintained, still hovering around 66-67 kg, or about 68 at the gym.

I only exercised infrequently while my trainer was away, definitely not enough to match gym sessions. I ate – there were birthdays and there was Chinese New Year. I failed in my half-hearted mission not to eat a single pineapple tart during the festivities. I ate five.

But at least, the damage seemed minimal. My fat % was 19.7% at the gym on Thursday. It was 19.1% at the end of 2011.

I felt my muscles – especially around the arms, “flatten” out through January, and am eager to have them rebuilt. Hard work lies ahead.


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