How many sizes change with weight loss?

You know the obvious one – though, that’s more often the desired one – waistline. But I discovered to my delight and sometimes to my chagrin that it’s more than just your waistline that changes with weight loss.

For sure, if you’re on a consistent, proper weight loss regime, your waistline will change. How much? In my case, somewhere between 3 and 4 inches. I’ve cut off almost 4″ from my workwear belt, as you can see. That’s the result of about 15 kg of weight loss.

Last weekend, I threw away (into the recycling bag) another pair of old jeans. I thought I would keep it (a size 34) as a backup. But on that day I put it on, as a backup, and it was so spectacularly roomy that its only fate in my life was to be never worn again. I haven’t used my new pair of jeans yet, for I am waiting for the Chinese New Year. That’s a 31.  


Now for the changes I did not expect. One, my shirt size, long-sleeved, for work. I used to wear size 16. I think that’s the shoulder width. That’s the neck size (thanks JE!!). A few weeks ago I tried on a 15.5 because there were no more 16s for that design, and the 15.5 fit very nicely, to my surprise. I tried 16 for another design, and it dawned on me that this now looked baggy. I never quite noticed it before. From that day on, I increasingly noticed that my old size 16 shirts were rather baggy, and worse, shapeless. They looked like, well, they didn’t fit.

The next thing I noticed was something I really did not expect. My watch strap, which are metal links. Yesterday, I flicked my hand and the watch’s body actually slipped from the top of my wrist to the bottom. Now that’s loose. I’ll have to visit a watch shop to have a link or two removed.

Lastly, the size of your bank account. All these wardrobe changes, or incoming wardrobe changes, are going to put a dent in your bank account. Yes, it’s for a good reason, but not all at once! I suppose many of my roomy size 16 shirts remain wearable – the only reason I would change them is so I look better. For vanity’s sake, why not?

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