A new year challenging happy

…. Meaning, it’s not been a happy start for me, 2012. Worked truly piled up at the office, with really tight deadlines. And everything happening at once. It is uncomfortable, though I try to see it as a learning experience. Truly, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. It is the same with weight loss regimes, you have to believe all that pain has a reward at the end. At the very least you learn how to be a better person.

My trainer is also away on holiday, for some three weeks until the 20th. He is aware of the conditions of my work this month, and his last words to me were to try not to be too stressed out. He asked me to engage in some jogging and stair-climbing while he’s away. I’ve managed to do some, but not enough I’ll say. 15 minutes up and down 5 flights of stairs just now, for example. Enough to make me pant and sweat, but not comparable to gym. It’s pretty hard when one reaches home exhausted after a long day’s work. And I mean mentally exhausted, not so much physically. All I want every evening is just to see my family.

Well at least I can take credit for maintaining my weight. So far, I’ve managed to keep my (morning) weight between 66.4 and 67.1 kg, which is ideal. However I’m worried that I may be losing muscle mass from all that mental worry… which means fat gain. I’ve been so concerned over the state of my sleep I’ve even started using health/meditation music apps on my iPhone to help me relax before sleeping.

I must confess that I actually miss going to gym. Or rather, I miss the comforting fact that I’ve done my dues to my health, post-gym. Without gym, I feel less equipped for…. Life!


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