I can has cake and eat it – Metabolism vs Cake


What the…? On the blue blue Tuesday morning after the Boxing Day holiday, I discovered to my surprise that my weight had dropped to 66.6 kg. I was delighted as I was taken aback. The following morning it was 66.7 kg, still very low. I was 67.8 kg on both nights, so my weight was being maintained.


Amazing! I have lost even more weight, far more than my trainer would approve! And even after Christmas log cakes and a whole slice of Blackforest chocolate mousse cake that I had on Monday while celebrating my brother’s and father’s birthdays.


Ever since my trainer told me to stop losing weight, I have actually been eating more, including more carbs, to, er, maintain my weight. I was kind of fearful that I would gain weight, even fat. But yesterday at gym, my fat percentage remained low, at 20.1% – even lower than the last time I was at gym.


I do have had experiences where eating something bad increases my fat % or fat mass. But for the record, having sleep interrupted seems to cause even more fat gain. Lately I’ve been quite diligently sleeping about 7 hours a night, uninterrupted. Indeed, the truth is early last week my fat % went up was after three consecutive nights of interrupted sleep  due to my littlest girl struggling with the flu.


I believe also that one’s capacity to efficiently “process” fat is probably influenced by one’s metabolism. Metabolism is improved when one exercises regularly, so I think the reason why the cake didn’t cause much damage… and not keep the fat, is probably due to my regular exercise regime.


Yup, no secret and no magic formula to burning fat that you eat – exercise. The good news is that it is a really, startlingly delightful reward to all these months of training. I went to gym fully expecting my fat% to register higher than last time, but it went down from 20.7% to 20.1%. Perhaps if I had not eaten cake, it would’ve been lower. But for now I’m just happy that I can has my cake and eat it, so to speak. You have no idea how many times I have had cake, put it in the fridge, and never ate it.


Please bear in mind though, that this is not license to eat cake everyday….. It’s just not as dangerous as before.


And now I’m thinking pizza for new year’s eve.

Further Reading

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