No holiday for the flu bug

Because it’s being pretty busy. Busy infecting lots of people. This year’s year-end “winter” bug has been a particularly nasty one. It’s quite persistent, dropping people down for days and weeks. For the last few years, Singapore has evolved a cold season cold enough to be called our “winter”. No snow, just lots of rain and flu-ridden folks coughing, including my dear wife and little daughter.

I continue to be spared. I am actually not one to fall sick. If I do fall sick from the flu bug, it usually happens just once a year. My record is six years without falling sick. I don’t exactly know why I grew up this way.  But these days, I feel that I have no justification to fall sick because I’ve earned my health. No common bug can defeat me, and I’m proud of it. When I fall sick, I do the disciplined thing and go home as soon as I can, pop a Panadol, and go straight to bed, cover myself up and roast the virus alive.  It’s usually well done within 6 hours. Served immediately.

Building a healthy foundation not only helps the individual, but the people around him or her. If you don’t fall sick, you don’t spread viruses. It’s simply etiquette. If you don’t take care of yourself, you not only handicap and inconvenience yourself, you spread the virus.

So, taking up a weight loss regime is not just about eating better and looking better, it’s also about maintaining resistance against the common flu. And it’s important to realize it is a common flu – it will happen year after year. I realize many people accept the fact that they fall sick on a yearly basis, even I find myself calculating my “rate” of illness on a yearly basis. If we could all be living healthier, we could be counting it in terms of six-year periods, or more.

One more thing, keeping healthy is also about saving your money and not giving it to doctors who will simply prescribe you chemicals and cough syrups and painkillers – none of which actually work against the virus, they simply suppress the symptoms so that your immune system can have a chance to fight back. The simple fact remains that only you and your immune system can kill the virus. If your immunity was strong enough, you won’t need help. Thus, it makes much more sense to invest money into your health, instead of putting it in the doctor’s bank account.


One thought on “No holiday for the flu bug

  1. Hey, for the record, a day or two after this post, I sneezed. And coughed a bit. Then came the phlegm. I’m not actually “down” with flu, but I’m definitely fighting an infection. Even my trainer is a little affected. Ha, Murphy’s Law.

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