Homemade Sandwiches


Just made a sandwich at home for breakfast tomorrow. Contents: Ayam-brand sardines in light sauce (reduced salt), hard-boiled egg (half the yolk), cucumber and cherry tomatoes on multi-grain bread.  Looking forward to seeing the sandwich with my morning coffee tomorrow.

In Singapore, good affordable sandwiches are generally hard to find. Most of the time the easiest to find are factory-made, mass-produced sandwiches sold at station bakeries, typically stuffed with a combination of ham, egg mayo and tuna. I find it a rather oily and somewhat dissatisfying combination. It has no artistry.

24-hour conveniene stores like 7-11 in Singapore haven’t wakened to the concept of selling fine sandwiches – like convenience stores in Japan (eg. Lawson, Family Mart) do. Convenience stores here still sells cheaply done, obviously factory-mass-produced sandwiches which I feel are not worth the calories nor the price.

Japanese convenience store sandwiches look like this:


They’re just beautiful and screaming quality.

Not having the privilege of being able to buy these in Singapore, I much prefer to make my own. Over the course of my weight loss journey, I’ve tried a few, frankly neither unusual nor spectacular recipes.

  • Chilli tuna in sunflower oil with hard-boiled egg and cucumber.
  • Fat-trimmed bacon, egg, tomato, cucumber and mozzarella.
  • Smoked salmon, mustard and egg.
  • Salmon patty and omelette.
  • Peanut butter and yuzu jam.

Etc. and here’s the important thing: NEVER use plain white bread. These are empty calories, refined carbohydrates that are immediately digested and waiting for you to burn. If you don’t burn it, it gets stored as fat.

Multigrain bread is better, more nutritious. Wholemeal bread has even less carbs. Both still have significant carbs but at least they are complex carbohydrates that are burned slowly by the body, and come packed with more natural nutrients from the whole grain.

Hate the grainy texture of non-white bread? Persist. Keep eating wholemeal bearing in mind the benefits. And one fine day you will be so used to it that the thought of plain white bread might just put you off! That’s how it is for me now.


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