Mission accomplished

Today, 15th November, marks the end of my fourth month into my weight loss journey. Four months. I began gym sessions on 15th July.

My weight after First Breakfast this morning was 69.5 kg.

I started at 81.5 kg. I’ve lost 12 kilograms, which translates to 14.72% of my original weight.

There, I’ve done it. I’ve lost a little more than my 14.6% target. :)

About two months ago on 18 September, I wrote that my weight was 75.2 – that I had lost 7.1%. So my weight loss has been fairly consistent.

Looking back, it’s actually been quite a quick journey – there was pain, there was surprise and delight, there was a lot I learnt. I think if there is one thing I can credit myself with, it’s willpower. I may have even gained more than I had to begin with. And it was the good angel on my shoulder all this time!

My journey doesn’t end here – the next chapter continues. But first, I really need to get new pants soon.


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