One more kilogram

A little to my surprise, my trainer said to me yesterday that I just need to lose one more kilogram and we can focus completely on muscle-building. I am currently 69+ kg.

In fact, we’ve already started on strength training, and oh gosh it’s tough. I never knew weight-lifting was so tough. You lift until your arms go numb, and it doesn’t feel like you’re using any strength as the trainer helps you lift. But he assures me the fact that I can still move the weights means I’m still exerting strength – he isn’t using much strength to help at all. All I can say is: aches aches aches.

Trainer also described to me how tough it is to be a professional weight-lifter – they have really sparse and clean diets, all the way to distilled water. It’s also very demanding to maintain a six-pack. We laughed as he suggested we bring me to that point, take a few photos, then let it “go” – it’s just too difficult to maintain.

Elsewhere, my aunt from Italy arrived for a visit and her first words to me were “Leon! You’re so skinny!!” Never in my life would I ever expect the adjective “skinny” to be applied to me. My dad who was nearby gave me a worried look and said very seriously, “Enough already!” – meaning I shouldn’t lose more weight! Oh dear! :)


One thought on “One more kilogram

  1. Oh Oh! :( I suppose that depends on whatever health benefits you are seeking. If it is a “lean, trim, muscle vs flab” Leon, your parents should not worry. If you are exaggerating in your efforts because you think you are “fat,” listen to Mom and Dad. Most important: how do you feel? A good regimen = feeling good! That’s the litmus test. Wishing you well :)

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