As the weather turns cold in Singapore (yes, even for a tropical country), I find myself losing weight much slower. I find myself more hungry than usual… which translates to eating more. I had a full nasi padang lunch on Monday! (Even if I only ate half the rice and stripped off all the skin from the fried chicken breast, it was still big enough to elicit comments from colleagues. “Wow that’s the biggest meal I’ve ever seen you eat, Leon” kind.)

At the gym my weight loss has slowed.We suspect some degee of water retention is taking place, due to the cold. Maybe my metabolism has slowed too. Or, it could simply be that I’ve reached a weight loss plateau – meaning, my body is now encountering smaller economies of scale after ten kilograms shed.

This morning I weighed in at 70.2 kg, my lowest weight to date. I had to eat really carefully on Tuesday to bring my weight down (it went up slightly after that nasi padang). Today, post-lunch, I’ve munched on a slice of papaya (at 2.25pm), half a low-sugar charcoal red bean bun (at 3.25pm – it was very nice by the way, from the bakery inside Tanjong Pagar Xchange), and at 4.25pm I had a small handful of nuts and cereal.

I weighed 71.4 at the gym last Sunday. I hope it won’t go up again tonight.


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