My pants are falling off and it’s not funny


One of the most annoying things about losing weight (yes, annoying), though it is a good sign, is that your clothes no longer fit. Specifically, pants, shorts, bermudas, etc.  Many a time I’ve walked out of my house to go to a nearby shop, and only when I’m a minute into my journey do I realize my bermudas are literally falling off my waist. It usually coincides with me slipping 135 grams of iPhone into my pocket, which is more than my bermudas can handle these days, already struggling against my wallet to maintain some semblance of dignity against the merciless forces of gravity.

Not that there is much money in my wallet – just a lot of cards. In fact, you may ask, why haven’t I bought new pants? The answer is that it’s because I have to wait maybe another month or two before my waistline settles(?). Or not. Either way, it’s still too early. I’m hovering between 71 – 73 kg now (depending on whether I have my track shoes on usually), and my trainer said let’s aim for 69kg in the next week or so. So clearly, buying new pants now could be premature.

Anyway, why am I complaining right? I’ve only been cursing at my pants, friends have commented favourably on my waist loss, and only my daughter has laughed at me. Above all, I’ve lost weight!



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