Wolfberry Soup


I’m currently taking a course in town, in a place called Bestway Building. The architecture of this place looks like it was made in the 1970s. A quaint location in modern downtown Singapore.

Next to it is a canteen called Best Twelve. I haven’t figured out exactly why it’s called that but one can imagine.

There’s quite a good selection of good food here. In particular for the health conscious. Yesterday I watched with curiosity patrons tucking into a soup dish that was basically glowing “healthy”.

It’s Wolfberry Soup, comprising leaves and berries from the plant, minced pork and an egg cracked into the clay pot and boiled with the soup.

The Chinese name for wolfberry is 枸杞 (gouqi). It seems the Teochew call it Gao Kee (九枝菜). Both versions adorn the signboard of the stall.

The soup is prepared in just a minute, boiled very quickly in a clay pot over a fire.

This has all the ingredients of a healthy dish. If I eat this every day I think I can lose half a kg a day.


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