When to Eat Fruits


I just made a mistake with the platter of fruits in front of me and it’s a good time to talk about one of the most important ingredients of anyone’s diet.

My diet journey actually began in 2007. Back then, due to stressful times at work, I started “skipping” lunch in order to save time on eating. I took the opportunity to cut my carbs intake by 1/3 during this time, on the notion that reducing carbs reduces weight gain. So I simply bought fruits as a meal.

Six months or so later I had actually lost 5 kg. Without any exercise. So I went on. But in order to keep hunger away I increasingly fell in love with breakfast. Which in principle is a good thing (still is and will always be) but for the next 4-5 years it was often a carb-laden thing, so not surprisingly my weight gradually returned.

But I actually kept at the fruits-for-lunch routine up until July 2011 when I started gym sessions.

Now in these past few years an email often circulated in office talking about fruits. One very interesting point that I picked up is the notion that one should not eat fruits with other foods. Nor should one eat fruits immediately after a meal – this is in fact a very very common habit in Singapore.

I just did it. It’s actually unusual for me. I usually eat fruits as my 4th small meal of the day at around 3-4 pm.

I had fish soup for dinner just now, and feeling thirsty I bought a platter of fruits which I began to consume 20 minutes after the meal. Halfway through the fruits I poked around google a bit and discovered at least one article that reminds me why we should not do this.

The reason is simply that fruits are broken down by the stomach very quickly. But proteins take longer. However, the broken-down fruit needs to wait for the proteins to be broken down before being passed out of the stomach. This mismatch of timing causes the disintegrated fruit to overstay in the stomach, and potentially decay. Yes, ROT! This can cause discomfort and gas buildup. Which is exactly what I’m detecting under my shirt now. As far as I’m concerned that’s enough evidence for me.

For more info on this, try this article at Rawhealth.net: Best Time to Take Fruits.

I’m going to ask for a bag for the rest of the fruit and finish it later.

As everyone knows, fruits are good for you. But eat them at the right time.


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