Two Weeks’ Slack


A very disappointing session at the gym, the first in two weeks now that my trainer is back. The cross trainer went fine, the pole swinging was fine, the sit-ups were good. But the standing jump with pole held across chest pumping was devastating. I could not manage more than 2.5 rounds. I had to stop mid-way on the 42nd repetition as I felt something going wrong. My heart was pumping unusually fast and nausea was rising. It was just like my first week of training back in July. But this is my 3rd month!

The damage caused by two weeks’ slack becomes really visible. My skin turned cold and I felt exhausted and nauseous. Had to step out of the gym’s air con to recover. My kind trainer bought me a can of 100 Plus and asked if I wanted to stop for the day.

But I didn’t. I was already very disappointed and refused to give up. If there is one kind of endurance I have, it’s willpower. When I recovered, we went back for one more round. But again the pole swings threatened to bring me down again.

Believe me, fast arm exercises, which demand stamina (sustained maximum strength) really makes your heart race.

I finished with some abs work, then we stopped.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be better on Wednesday. We just need to start the engine running again. ” Trainer’s words of encouragement.

Better fuel up.


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