When extra protein isn’t welcome

I bought my own veggies from the supermarket on Friday after gym (74.6kg) and made my own salad. As I sat down for the meal, after the first bite I was startled by the sight of a wet brown strand wriggling among the leaves. It was an earthworm, clearly having an issue with my choice of dressing! I was so unnerved that I threw the whole bowl of salad away, regardless of the notion that earthworms are very clean and that this is a sign that no pesticides were used in the veggies. Sigh, my appetite was gone.

The following day I happened to buy another salad for dinner. This time I made doubly sure that the sashimi was dead before tucking in…

Guess all that salad and loss of appetite helped, because I reached a new low of 74.1kg this morning at the gym. And my fat mass is also below 18kg now.


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