Fluctuating Weight – Get Used To It

I noticed some extreme fluctuations in weight over the last few days. In fact, it was the day after that hard Sunday session (and the mee goreng). For example, on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, my weight dropped to the lowest ever: 72.9kg. But on Wednesday night it had went back up by a whole kg, to 73.9kg.

I told my trainer about this and he didn’t blink an eye. He didn’t blink an eye too when I weighed in at 75kg at the gym yesterday evening. He apparently anticipated this, and explained that it was because my body wasn’t used to the hard workout and would react like this.

I thought it was the mee goreng. :)

But anyway, no worries. My fat mass did go up a little bit yesterday night, but muscle mass also went up. All in all, it was fair progress to my trainer. He did say before that fluctuations during a weight loss schedule is perfectly normal – and it’s fine so long as, over the long term, one’s weight goes down.


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