Eat anything you want!

Had a very hard session at the gym on Sunday. On Friday I was even “warned” to be prepared. It was so bad, when I was done – and because I did everything I was made to do – my trainer said, “Eat anything you want for lunch!” as a reward.

Chicken rice and chicken bryani – two carb-laden monster meals came to mind. Especially the latter, which I’ve not had in many months. All ok, trainer said!

But after the session I remembered something else I haven’t had in eons: mee goreng.

That became an unexpectedly long journey. It was 11.15am and I walked about 500m to a popular Indian stall on the eastern end of Bukit Batok… It was opened and there was a queue… But they were still selling only roti prata, that quintessentially weekend morning breakfast.

Undeterred (and not tempted by the nearby fish & chips from Hello Western, or my favorite mee rebus from Jun Corner), I walked all the way back to Bukit Batok central Mufiz, a 24-hr Indian restaurant. But it too was still not serving mee goreng. It was 11.40am.

Disappointed I went to do a spot of grocery shopping for the wife, then, on a whim, popped into MacDonald’s (which is next door to Mufiz) for an Egg & Sausage McMuffin, another rather rare item in my diet.

I was now harboring thoughts of chicken rice. Since I had to walk past Mufiz for that I tried my luck again.

Well it turns out that spot of grocery shopping and having to wait for Mac’s last sunny side up meant the Indian chef was ready.

To be honest, when I got home at 12.25pm, bathed, put on an episode of Fringe, sat down and opened that packet of mee goreng (seeing with delight that it included a perfectly done egg sunny side up), I’d forgotten all about my pain, walking and dieting that I ate the entire packet forgetting not only to take a photo but also my usual habit of throwing away half a packet of any carbs, ha.




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