Healthy Peanut Butter

One day, my trainer was rattling off suggestions for a good breakfast. I interrupted when he said “peanut butter.”

Peanut butter? Isn’t that like rather unhealthy, even with all those that claim no cholesterol and all?

In the past I’d never craved peanut butter though I enjoyed it from time to time, especially that mixed with grape jam (mmmmmmmm..) …. Up until the days I found out that it was high in fat and hydrogenated oils and what not. Truth be told I can’t remember the exact reason but I stopped having peanut butter for many years.

After that gym session I checked the Internet and found out that there is one important condition for peanut butter to be considered healthy. It should only be made of one and only one ingredient:

Peanuts. Full stop.

Nothing else. There is no need for added salt, sugar, palm or vegetable oil or corn syrup etc.

My first few attempts to find such a peanut butter were not successful. The usual brand in the neighborhood supermarkets – Planters, Skippy, Smuckers – had multiple ingredients.

But I finally found one today at Fairprice. Adam’s unsalted natural peanut butter. It even rates zero for sodium. A thick layer of oil floated on top of the peanut butter (you can see it in the photo below), something I’d read about online too. My wife asked, where does the oil come from? Why, it’s peanut oil of course.


One is supposed to stir the oil into the peanut butter after opening the bottle. That makes it creamy. Without the oil what you’ll have is a solid block of peanut. Doesn’t sound very spreadable. Putting it in the fridge after stirring will prevent the oil from separating again.

So, after stirring my bottle with a butter knife – a rather tiring experience btw – I tasted the peanut butter….

It tastes exactly like: peanuts. It wasn’t even sweet. Fragrant enough for me but I suspect some people will miss the sweetness. I’m looking forward to breakfast with this!


2 thoughts on “Healthy Peanut Butter

  1. Hmmm, I think I saw that too but I’m not sure about it. Cream sounds bad. I guess the key is what is in the ingredients.BTW, the natural peanut butter tastes really good with bread. Not so much by itself, but it went well with multi-grain bread.

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