On Hard-Boiled Eggs


In the past I’ve always been wary of eggs, particularly of the high cholesterol content in the yolks. I know they’re rich in protein but cholesterol just sounds so dangerous.

I’ve also read about the fact that eggs are helpful in weight loss and this seemed like a contradiction to me. High cholesterol and …. high fat, right?

Not quite. Egg does contain fat (including the truly dangerous saturated fat) but it is not a significant amount. It IS high in cholesterol too.

But here’s the thing: egg white is difficult for our stomach to digest and thus our bodies expend a lot of energy (read: calories, carbs) digesting it. This is apparently the key to why eggs are helpful in weight loss.

It is also rich in protein. This makes eggs a very powerful and helpful food to eat before and after exercise – it helps build muscle mass.

As far as cholesterol is concerned: know your cholesterol levels. If you do have high levels of bad cholesterol, then consider skipping the yolk. If your cholesterol level is ok, my trainer says one yolk a day is fine. In a day it’s ideal to have two eggs max, but just eat one yolk.

Frankly this knowledge makes eating eggs a far more enjoyable experience. Have no fear, have an egg.


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