Weight Loss 101: It’s a form of mental torture

Sticking to a diet and weight loss regime is basically that.

You have to accept certain things before you start and while you’re at it. Be brave.

  1. Accept that you will never be able to eat like you used to.
  2. Accept that you will no longer be able to have your favourite foods often.
  3. Accept that you will feel hungry, especially at night, before bedtime.

I will not talk about the good things that come from such a regime. You must take the hard stuff first. You must accept. If you don’t accept, your quest will be futile.

If you’re still unsure – test yourself first. Change your diet. Cut your carbs intake by 1/3. Try that for a start and see if you can maintain it for a few months, enough to lose a bit of weight. If you succeed, you are on your way to learning….. to accept.

The good news is this: acceptance later becomes the norm – it will no longer bother you.


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