Tanita Weighing Scales

The cheap weighing scale from Guardian that I’ve had at home for some years has been useful to some degree in gauging my weight during the past 6 weeks of my weight loss journey, but it was never reliable for measuring small changes. So, I’ve been looking for a new scale, digital and accurate. My trainer suggested trying Watsons for a cheap one.

At Ngee Ann City yesterday (where I had my wonderful “carb free” sea bass at Cedele), I checked the big Watsons store and it had two digital scales. The standard one was about $25 and the sophisticated fat-measuring, bmi-measuring, neutrino-measuring one was about $60.

As my wife was also looking for a scale – albeit for her kitchen and cooking – we also visited Takashimaya’s home appliances section. In case you never realized, this place has a lot of sophisticated appliances, often from Japan. There was a big range of scales from Tanita, and even better – they were on sale. My budget was around $50. The scales on the highest end were in the $200+(!) range, but there were a handful in the $48 – $68 range, after discount. I settled on the HD-355 Digital Weighing Scale pictured here. It was originally priced at $100 but now only costs $58. A good deal.


The sales lady present was knowledgeable about every model I was looking at, and I took her recommendation that the HD-355 was among the most accurate, with a +/- 100gram error range. This was important to me as I’m monitoring changes in the 200gram or so range.

77.2 – hope that’s accurate!


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