I was wrong, buffets are dangerous

I knew it. I was just being optimistic. It was too good to be true. The truth is buffets are dangerous. Especially three buffets in 2 weeks. My weight went back up to 79.2, up by 500 grams since Sunday. On Sunday I went for another buffet. It was a very happy occasion with friends but I think I ate too much. The meal was taken across a 3 hour stretch, from 2 – 5pm. I thought maybe by eating slowly across the 3 hours, it wouldn’t be so bad. But on hindsight, I still think it was a bad move. We even walked some 2 km after the meal. And I even skipped dinner.

Now, I’m beginning to see a pattern with my weight and diet. It seems that if I eat a 4-meal diet (good breakfast, light lunch, fruits for snack, then a light dinner), my weight drops steadily. But in those days where I try to adapt to a 6-small-meals diet, things tend to go awry. I know because I can feel it when my weight drops. (And yeah, see it on the weighing scale at home). I told my trainer this, and he agreed that I should do as my instinct suggests. We should not follow dieting rules blindly.

When my daily schedule is disrupted, e.g. missing lunch because of a meeting, or missing dinner because of night class, I can feel my body reacting badly as well. The old adage that irregular eating is just as bad as over-eating, stands.

So, henceforth I’m going to try to keep to the 4-meal diet. I was supposed to reach 78.2kg today, but now I shall have to work doubly hard.


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