Breakfast Before Travel – Don’t Sit Down After Eating

One thing that we all know, that my trainer brought up once, is that we should not remain seated after eating. Move about, he said, after meals.

Indeed, after a full meal – particularly lunch – if I sit down, I can feel the growing weight of gravity pulling down from my stomach. And very soon, as you and I know it only too well – that gravity starts to affect your eyelidzzzzz……

So, to counter this a little, I’ve recently started eating right after I wake up. I get about 6:45 am or so, so generally by 7am I’ll have a bun or 1/2 a muffin or something light. After that comes my hour-long journey to office, during which I usually have to walk about 500 metres. So I think it’s a good practice.

Plus anyway, if you know what I eat nowadays for dinner, by morning I am usually S T A R V I N G.


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