Buffeting the Buffet

This was by appearances a bad week of eating.

On Monday, a last-minute meeting just before lunchtime caused me to pretty much miss lunch. On Wednesday, I agreed to join my colleagues to go for a porridge buffet because I was going for gym that evening. But gym was cancelled. On Thursday we went out again for an Indian buffet (curry!) – a cuisine that I love and can barely resist.

But let’s talk about the good food first. :)


The porridge buffet – the first that I’ve ever eaten – is from Rajah Inn at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Strange isn’t it, the name – the explanation is that it’s Indonesian in origin apparently. You can find out more at www.rajahinn.com.sg. For a blogger’s review, check out this detailed review at My Little Food Adventure (Just Eat La).


The second surprise is that the price per person is only $6.90++. Very cheap. The food is basically a very home-style Chinese porridge menu. Your grandma/mother would be proud to eat here. And it is good. Porridge, rice, bee hoon, pickled veggies, chicken curry, peanuts (roasted and braised), ikan bills, salted egg, braised tofu, fried fish, and lots more.

It’s been so long since I ate a meal like that that I really enjoyed myself. And got worried. I only ate half a bowl of porridge and like 2 spoonfuls of rice but I was worried. I got even more worried when trainer called at 5.30pm and said gym had to be cancelled as the air con was leaking gas. Oh oh. Well, when I got home, I changed into my gym outfit anyway and went for a jog.

Jogged about 2-3km from home to Zulin temple (竹林寺). Jogging was about 15-20 minutes total and I surprised myself by not slowing to a walk for quite a distance. My stamina has definitely improved. I estimated I walked briskly for about 20 minutes, so my total time on the journey was 40 minutes.

Anyway I was still worried about the big lunch so I only ate a nugget-sized piece of grilled chicken breast and barely two spoonfuls of carrots and long beans/peas for dinner. My wife had actually made a humongous fillet of grilled chicken breast which I kinda found terrifying. I wondered if even Godzilla could defeat the bird it came from.

Ok, my entire division went out for lunch the next day to Riverwalk Tandoor, an Indian buffet place. I LOVE Indian food so I was looking forward to it – by having only two slices of wholemeal bread with kaya and butter, and later one sardine puff, for breakfast. Very light by my standards.

I had about 5 spoonfuls of bryani (omg!) and rice, about 8-9 pieces of mutton in curry, 5 pieces of fish, and 2 pieces of tandoori chicken breast. And I can be proud of the fact that I only ate HALF a naan! I was so busy with the curry and rice and company that I sort of forgot to take more! But it was still worrying. Not to mention filling – and fact is I didn’t really eat much more than one full meal from my regular days. My trainer would later say that the fact is my appetite will decrease with time, and that – as I already knew – buffets will be wasted on people like us.

Anyway I was so guilty and full from the meal that I didn’t take dinner at all. I got a bit hungry at about 9+pm but all I dared to eat was one apple. When Friday came, I.e. Gym day, I ate small meals throughout the day. For two separate breakfasts, 1/4 of a raisin muffin, a fish burger with 1/2 the bun discarded, 1/2 a blueberry muffin; Caesar’s Salad with smoked salmon for lunch (yes we went out again!!) and 3 mouthfuls of Kellogg’s Red Berry Cereal for afternoon snack.

I stepped on the weighing machine at the gym with trepidation.


I could hardly believe it – I had actually dropped another 400 grams. And I’m now below 79kg!

Personally, I don’t believe what I did – semi-indulge in two buffets – is good in anyway, but this shows it’s sort of possible to counter the indulgence by being careful with carbs after lunchtime, and of course exercising accordingly.

My trainer? Well, he seemed very intrigued about the porridge buffet. “Must go try!” he said. :)


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