Don’t drink water before bedtime


Trainer told me today that drinking (a significant cup of) water before going to bed is not good.

  1. Water retention
  2. If you’re awakened in the middle of the night by a full bladder, your sleep is disturbed. This has the effect of reducing your muscle mass and increasing your fat mass! Apparently, despite my loss of 600gm over the last two days, my muscle mass actually dropped. And in fact I did not sleep well over the last two nights due to a neckache and also woke up to pee.

So from now on, no more big cup of water before bed. Have just a sip at the most.


2 thoughts on “Don’t drink water before bedtime

  1. Mea culpa, Leon! I drink not one, but two or three glasses of water at bedtime. Honestly, I know better. If I’m thirsty at bedtime, it’s because I haven’t drunk enough water during the day. First, I had to “force” myself to drink more in the daytime, but now I’ve discovered my happy drinking mode: I put a few drops of lemon and some ice cubes in the water, which improves the flavor 100% and – no more forcing! Yeah. I was waking up twice at night for the bathroom run. Gotta’ use our heads here. (not the nautical “head.”)

  2. Great suggestion Lorena! I too suffer from the bad habit of not drinking enough in the daytime. I blame it on the air-conditioned environment I work in. You just don’t think much about drinking water when you’re not perspiring. These days, after dinner I pour myself a full cup of water to drink over the next hour or so. I’ve gotten used to going to bed with no more than a sip. And the fact is sleeping through the night undisturbed DOES seem to consistently reduce fat gain! I see it in my numbers (weight-wise).

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