The haphazardness of modern meals

Now that I track everything I eat, I can truly see just how haphazardly I eat. Well, it’s not that I don’t eat properly, it’s more like there is such a bewildering variety and even irregularity, to the point of haphazardness. Just for the last three days:

2 August Tuesday

0700 Black pepper hot dog/bun – because I woke up really hungry.

0850 Fish burger bought from office canteen, comes with a small piece of omelette, lettuce and chilli sauce. 1/2 a Mur cake from Polar, and my usual kopi-O.

1055  Char siew bao – trainer marked this as not a good thing.

1230 Office went out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Many ordered the usual – katsudon, ramen, shabu-shabu, etc. But to be honest no one blinked an eye when I got the salmon sashimi salad with 2 pieces of unagi sushi – after all, I’m known as one of the 2 or 3 health nuts in the office. And it’s an office where for every male there are some 4 or 5 ladies! So you can imagine the things we talk about!

1530 A mouthful of cereal and a 1/4 ham & cheese sandwich – because I had no time to do more.

1915 – 2000 at the Gym.

2045 Baked cod fish fillet, steamed spinach and 1 spoonful of brown rice (I reluctantly discarded the remaining 2 spoonfuls – not because I wanted to eat them, but because I truly hate to waste food. Very healthy dinner right? But oh so expensive – the cod fillet cost $11, and that’s just my share.

3 August Wednesday

0855 Vegetarian bee hoon/noodle with cabbage. Kopi-o. No protein? Why? Because today I would be fed twice….

1045 A mouthful of cereal.

1315 We went out to the Temasek Society club for a lunch talk – the lunch turned out to be an 8-course Chinese dinner, just like a wedding dinner. Except, this one was actually very good. Above the average Chinese restaurant in taste and quality. I ate 3 fried prawns, spinach, 5 pcs steamed fish, 2 pcs roast chicken breast, 1 wedge of yam basket with lots of veggies. When the Ee-mian noodles arrived, it was served individually in bowls to each person at the table. I took one look at my bowl, said “Carbo Monster!” and shoved it aside. My colleauges (all ladies!) were halfway putting the first mouthful into their mouths! Hahaha!

1900 Reception at the British Council. Although it was dinner time, the food served was more like some kind of cocktail party – just sausages, mini salmon sandwiches and spring rolls. I had 2 chicken sausages, 3 pork sausages, 1 vegetarian samosa, 1 springroll and about 5 smoked salmon sandwiches. Bear in mind each helping is like one mouthful’s worth. But I still think I basically overate. Got home at 2115 and decided to avoid eating anything else until the next morning.

Fact is I often go to bed hungry nowadays.

4 August Thursday
0845 Nasi Lemak, half rice. Dory fish, fried, half batter removed, ikan bilis, peanuts, chilli, long beans. I was hoping to run this off in the evening but failed to do so.


1200 Office held a sandwich party for lunch. Not only did I cut a lot of cucumber and tomatoes, I ate: Walnut country loaf (3 slices), sardine, crab mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, 2 taco chips. I was enjoying this so much that I didn’t realize I was getting very full. A lot of us felt this way. I spent the next hour + working standing up because whenever I sat down I felt immense gravity.


1630 Lettuce “sandwich” with sardine, cucumber. This was leftover from lunch. After I made it 4 hours ago I felt too full to eat it, so I kept it for tea.


2145 By the time I was done with the kids, it was this time. A very late dinner. Fortunately it would be practically entirely vegetarian. I had an Eggplant Burger made by my wife. It’s basically 2 big slices of eggplant, grilled with bread crumbs, a slice of tomato, mushroom, lettuce and a spoonful of feta cheese. This sounds very sane, but it is EXTREMELY delicious. Surely one of the best kept secrets of the vegetarian world. Just hoping it is not high in carbs.

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