Being tired ≠ No Strength

Had my last gym session on Tuesday evening, at 7pm. Was actually late thanks to a meeting that went on longer than I expected, and slow trains. So I arrived in a rush, and still had to quickly change to my gym clothes. Trainer immediately put me on the cross trainer, which within 3 minutes became my new terror. Working on this thing is tough! I realize, as Mr Trainer explains, that it’s tough if one does not use the arms as much as the legs when peddling. But still, it was a very tough ten minutes. The cross trainer is designed to even out one’s muscle in all the limbs, or something like that.

My weight went back up to 80.6 kg (was 80.2 on Sunday), but it was accompanied by some fat loss and some muscle gain, so perhaps it’s not a bad thing.

But don’t get me wrong, I still feel very weak – as in lacking in strength. Trainer set me working on the arms today, and while I completed every set assigned, my arms were just about to fall off when I was done. Throughout these sessions, I’ve realized one thing: it’s not so much that I’m tired when working out, but that I lack the sheer strength to do things, like lifting and pushing.


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