Dropped 900g!

I dropped 900g in 36 hours!

I drastically cut my carbs for dinner last night, eating only fried chicken breast (as much skin removed) and a little serving of coleslaw with pieces of broccoli. Could near zero carbo dinners be the key to my weight loss?


2 thoughts on “Dropped 900g!

  1. Your posts are really funny, enjoy reading them. Good luck with the journey. I do recall Gavin saying that for dinner try to get more proteins and keep the carbs to a minimal, esp if the meal is going to be late. Try to have more of carbs in the morning for 2 reasons – 1) You need energy to get you thru the entire day and 2) you do have the entire day to burn it off. The weight does fluctuate a bit until you get a better understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t. No two people are the same and what works for one can get the complete opposite result for another.It’s really fantastic to see you make the commitment to get healthier and giving it your best shot.

  2. Hi Shameem!with Thank you for visiting! You are my inspiration for doing this, after all! Thanks for your advice – I concur, and have been doing that. I’ve even told my wife – no carbs for dinner, which means no rice, no potatoes, no pasta. Today I only had an eggplant burger for dinner – just eggplant slices, lettuce, tomato and mushroom, spoonful of feta. It’s actually a very delicious recipe, even tastier than a fish burger.Once again thank you for introducing me to Gavin!

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