Nasi Lemak

Ever since I started gym sessions, I’ve pretty much not eaten any nasi lemak. I used to have it once or twice a week. I’ve always known it’s bad. And this article shows just how bad. My trainer says it’s ok to eat anything, so long as it’s in moderation. Calorie-laden meals must be eaten early in the day, the later the worse. But in any case, I am determined to lose weight, so I’ve been telling myself to go further than instructions. My trainer says if I want to eat something this “bad”, then do it on the morning of the day I’m due to have gym sessions.

That would be today. I was feeling quite depressed last night. Someone nice at work is leaving. It was unexpected and saddened me, even though I’ve only been at this office for 4 months. Yesterday I didn’t see my baby girl at all. She was asleep when I left for work, and asleep when I came home. I always feel life is very unfair for us fathers. The world wants us to be more active fathers – which I already am – and yet prevents us from seeing our kids.

Anyway, from the moment I woke up his morning until I reached office, I argued with myself what to eat for breakfast. I chose nasi lemak. I didn’t finish the rice, I only ate the egg white, and I peeled off as much batter from the fried fish fillet as possible. I know it’s bad. I think I need to see how bad it is on the weighing scale tonight.


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