Vegetarian food is still dangerous

My weight is still at 81.6kg last night. Fat went up! It seems my diet is still not going the right way despite my efforts to change. Examining my eating log, my trainer pointed out the likely culprits.

First is the vegetarian bee hoon I had on Monday. I took it with cabbage, bean curd and… a piece of vegetarian fish which I mistook for eggplant when I picked it. It’s like a piece of batang in disguise.

The other problem meal that day was dinner. Brown rice (even though I only took 4-5 spoonfuls), broccoli, carrots – carbo, carbo, carbo. Miso soup, a small bowl, also not a good idea. Better to take in the morning, due to the high sodium. I didn’t mention my wife tends to make her miso soup very bland, to the point that it doesn’t even taste like miso soup.

Had a more intensive session today. Treadmill speed is 6.0 which is a little faster than the 5.0, 5.5 in the past, but I could really feel the increased difficulty. The exercise rounds were also a little tougher, but i managed to complete all three rounds. We finished the session early at 950pm. I am determined to keep this up. Was really tired on the walk home.


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