5 Gym Sessions Later

It’s been 5 sessions at the gym, over the course of 12 days. My weight actually went up a bit from 81.6kg to 82.1kg (possibly to its normal weight?), then came down to 81.6kg again during this period. It did go a little further down to 81.5kg on Sunday, but as far as i’m concerned, I’m “back where I started” when I began on 15 July.

The problem I often face these days is trying to reorder and balance out my eating habits. I used to eat a heavy breakfast, then have fruits for lunch, and then dinner as normal. But dinner was often very late, and inconsistent. According to my trainer, eating carbo at the beginning of the day is fine, but towards night time this must be reduced drastically. The day my weight went back up did in fat, I mean fact, coincide with a regrettable late night carb-laden snack. I try very hard not to eat much for dinner (“More veges, less carbo”, says trainer), but then I have to survive the late night (say from 9pm until I go to sleep) as the light dinner usually means I get hungry before I sleep. I tried an apple once, I think that was a good idea. The buns are generally mistakes. So recently I’ve started to buy more fruits to keep in the fridge to fight night-time hunger. Otherwise all the carbo monsters will be smiling at me when I open the door.


2 thoughts on “5 Gym Sessions Later

  1. Though the weight is the same, does the fat level do down? Can consider:- healthy snack in the afternoon, so that you don’t need heavy dinnder- low-fat yogurt before sleep- sleep earlier, before you feel hungryがんばって!

  2. No, in fact my fat level has also gone up. My trainer attributes this to carbo. Still too much carbo. I have shifted my fruits meal to the afternoon already, usually around 3pm. And dinner tends to look very healthy…. but even a meal of brown rice, broccoli and carrots is considered rather high on carbohydrates. I never knew these foods to be high in carbo. I admit it’s hard for me to go to sleep early – I just want to have some free time to do my own things before I retire for the day. My “free time” usually starts around 930pm.

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